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Hi, I'm Ron. I design and develop user-friendly business websites.
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Hawaii Web Design & Development

A portion of my work is creating and redesigning websites. My goals are to make a professional-looking, user-friendly, and functional website. For a positive user experience, I consider both the client and the client's visitors during the design process.

website mechanic

Website Mechanic

I fix and tweak websites and Wordpress systems. I am able to do so because of my technical foundation and the ability to read source code. Knowing HTML and other web languages isn't required to make a website nowadays, but it makes it possible for me to look "under the hood" of a website to diagnose and solve problems.

Wordpress tutoring

Website Tutoring and Consulting

As a former teacher, I understand the importance of education. For clients that can manage their own website but need some guidance, I offer 1-on-1 tutoring. For clients that want to learn more about certain topics like SEO or e-commerce, I let them "pick my brain" by hiring me for informative consulting sessions.

SEO marketing

Online Marketing, SEO

Web design is the primary focus of my work, but I understand the importance of marketing as well. For certain clients, I utilize a mix of short and long term marketing methods, which include business blogs, SEO, keyword research, online pay-per-click ads, and using analytics to assess the effectiveness of these methods.

Take a look at some of my web design work
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  • Waialua Federal Credit Union

    Waialua FCU needed a website that looked professional and wanted to present their credit union information in a user-friendly manner. An online loan application was also added to allow members to apply for a loan from home.


    website design

    responsive design (mobile)

    online loan application

    Waialua Federal Credit Union
  • UH Manoa Study Abroad Center

    The main goal of this project was to make the website presentable for prospective students. The old website was confusing and did not show the enjoyment and value of a study abroad program. I focused on fixing that. I also carefully chose and implemented website elements so that the small, UHMSAC team would be able to make changes by themselves.


    information architecture


    video tutoring

    social media integration

    Mailchimp integration

    event calendar


    University of Hawaii StudyAbroad.org
  • Indigo

    Indigo restaurant originally has a sand-yellow website. I went in and gave them a website that matched their color branding: blue. Indigo also had a vibrant night life, so I changed it to a dark website to reflect that. I also knew that menus would be the most visited item on a restaurant website, so I created a online menu for them (previously, they were PDF only). Finally, various social media were integrated.


    website design

    online menu

    social media integration

    Indigo Restaurant
  • Dancing with the Hawaii Stars

    The client was a dance studio that needed a website for a new, annual fundraising event. 2 mockups were made (a light one and a dark one). The client was also somewhat familiar with Wordpress, so I provided a video tutorial to help them make most changes in the future.


    website design


    video tutoring

    responsive design (mobile)

    Flickr integration

    Dancing with the Hawaii Stars
  • Neurobehavioral Research Inc. Test Site

    The aim of this project was to make the website pretty. Seriously. The client did not have many explicit requests, except that he wanted it to look "nice." This site was to be used in a proposal for a government grant. For research, I looked at government, info-driven sites such as data.gov and census.gov to gauge the aesthetic standards of such sites.


    website design

    National Network on Drugged Driving
  • A.I.M.A.A. Online Store

    The store needed a design re-haul and needed a shopping cart update to meet PCI Compliance standards. A shipping calculation solution was also provided to ensure that shipping costs would be as accurate as possible.


    website design



    shipping calculation solution

    Action International Martial Arts Association
  • Hop Hale

    For this project, for the first time, I did very little front-end development or design. The client already had a website, but because it was developed on some Mac OS website builder, was built on image mapping, and he could not edit it in any practical manner. His requirements for control were quite strict: he wanted to be able to manipulate individual block styles (padding, borders, gradients). He said he wanted Wordpress, but I outfitted him with Concrete5, as it allows for more individual block manipulation and is still SEO-friendly.


    PSD to HTML


    Hop Hale
  • Hookcam

    I helped the client because they were suffering from a design roadblock. They already had a website, but they were unsatisfied with how it looked and how their product, the Hookcam, was portrayed. I redesigned their front page in a manner I like to call "vertical presentation." It's a method that focuses on design simplicity and content focus and allows people to navigate by simply scrolling from top to bottom.


    Wordpress modification


  • Malama Baby

    Presentation app for the iPad, but fits other devices.


    iPad app

    jQuery Mobile

    Malama Baby App
The Process
A web design approach that ensures a suitable website

A wise man once said "5 minutes in preparation saves 30 minutes in execution." My goal is to assess the appropriate style and best practices for websites in your industry. Design is subjective, so I will be asking you many questions about what you like as well.


I design and build websites based on what will be on there. During the build phase, I develop mockups (visual representations), create logical and friendly structure for larger websites', and think of how to incorporate the different components of the website for both user types (the visitors and the admin).


Anything that involves design is subjective, meaning that you may not agree with what I make. To make sure that I bring your vision to reality, I allow for revisions during the development process. With your vision and my input, the final, revised product should suit you.


The last thing I do is go through a pre-launch checklist which includes cross-browser tests, submitting your URL to Google, and other things.

Answers to frequently asked questions
  • How long does it take to design a website?Open or Close

    Typically 3-6 weeks. I budget enough time to allow me to work on other projects and also allow enough time for you to give revisions, as you will be part of the design process.

  • How much does it cost to design a website?Open or Close

    It depends. The price will change depending on how much time the site will take me. Every website project is different, so I actually make unique proposals for each project and include a quote that reflects the time that it would take.

  • How can I pay you?Open or Close

    I take check, credit cards, Paypal, or you can pay me in installments via Paypal's Bill Me Later program. The method doesn't really matter. What's most important is that you pay on time.

  • Will you respond to my emails?Open or Close

    Yes. I check my email everyday. I do not address every email though. In regards to work emails, I utilize the "Triage Method", which means that I take care of the things that are important and urgent first. For general website work requests, you can expect a turnaround time of 72 hours.

  • Do you subcontract work?Open or Close

    On rare occasions, I find specialized contractors to help with certain, isolated parts of my projects. If I do, I will let you know. However, regarding the website being put together effectively and coded properly, I do that myself. That sort of thing is my specialty.

  • Will you teach me how to edit my website?Open or Close

    Absolutely! I believe in empowering clients so that they are able to make basic changes to their website. Ideally, my clients should be able to do the "easy stuff" while I take care of the "hard stuff." We can schedule 1 on 1 tutoring sessions. Or if you you have an organization, I can do group tutoring or I can make screencast videos.

  • What is your experience with web design?Open or Close

    I made my first website in 9th grade using a Geocities site builder. I was fascinated by the web, so I taught myself HTML. I made a hobby card site using nothing but Notepad and CuteFTP that got several hundred views a day. I stopped working on websites to pursue an accounting education and career and to work as a teacher. Several years ago, I decided to change course and started a web design and development business.

    I know HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, javascript, PHP. I am mindful of older browsers like Internet Explorer 8. I also have an intimate knowledge of Wordpress and make custom themes for most clients. I do image manipulation and light graphics work via Adobe Photoshop. And finally, I have some marketing experience with my vehicles of choice: Adwords and SEO.

  • Do you do browser compatibility?Open or Close

    Absolutely. Browser compatibility is something that many clients don't think of and usually end up learning about it later when clients complain that the website doesn't work in x, y, or z browsers. Near the end of my development process, I do cross browser tests with modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. Internet Explorer 8 is my lower limit test; if it works in Internet Explorer 8, then it will work in anything newer.

  • Do we need to have a contract?Open or Close

    100%, ABSOLUTELY, YES. Trust me when I say that website work is complicated. There are many scope details, processes, warranties, standards, installment payment clauses, intellectual property clauses, and more to consider. I've been doing this work for years and I have studied some business law and a contract is just a way to address contingencies (the "what-ifs") before they ever happen. Saves time and removes ambiguities for both parties.

  • What are your rates?Open or Close

    $50 an hour. Minimum 1/2 hour charge. 1/4 hour increments.

    For lengthier assignments which require interaction with your team members, you can hire me for the day at $400. I can work on holidays and weekends too if requested in advance.

    For larger projects, such as designing websites, I give quotes and make contracts.

  • Are you registered to do business in Hawaii?Open or Close

    Yes, of course! I pay my general excise tax out of my gross sales, so you won't see any surcharges on my invoices. To see me in the Department of Taxation business registry, simply search for "Ron Lum" in the business owner field.

  • Do you do graphic design or logo design or photography?Open or Close

    Not really. My skill set leans towards the technical part of website development. If a client requests heavy graphic work or photography though, I will contract a trusted and competent designer to do so.

  • Do you do mobile websites and apps?Open or Close

    Yes I do. I do what's called "responsive design" or also known as a "one-size-fits-all" website. The responsive website stretches and expands to fit your viewing area, whether it's a desktop monitor or a smaller mobile phone screen. The benefit to responsive design is that you do not need multiple sites. I am also starting to develop basic apps using jQuery Mobile.

  • Will you market my website?Open or Close

    It depends. My primary focus is not marketing. However, I do offer a mix of short term and long term marketing via Google's pay-per-click program Adwords, doing keyword research and improving indexing by using proper SEO technique, and I can help develop business blogs to attract prospects . However, keep in mind that marketing techniques differ from industry to industry, so my marketing style may not suit everyone.

  • Can I get my money back if I don't like your work?Open or Close

    Because my only asset is time, I have to draw a firm line on the topic of refunds. I don't give refunds if you don't like my subjective work. However, if during the course of our contracted work, you want to hire someone else instead, we can mutually dissolve our contract and you only need to pay me for work that's been done. I also offer warranties on hourly and contracted work, meaning if I don't fulfill the requests, I will take care of it till it gets done. If I cannot do these objective tasks because it is beyond the realm of my skills, then I will refund your money.

  • Do you like working with websites?Open or Close

    Yes I do. Websites make sense to me. Despite being virtual in nature, websites are bound by their own, unique laws of physics. Understanding those laws and understanding web languages are what allow me to easily develop or modify websites. I am so glad that my life has led me to finding a line of work that I am passionate about.

Let's discuss how I can help your next web project
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