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View All Google Search Terms for Your Website… with Google Webmaster Tools!


  Have you ever wondered, “WHAT ARE PEOPLE TYPING INTO GOOGLE TO GET TO MY WEBSITE!?” Well, today, with the help of Google tools, you can finally view all the search terms coming from Google!   Google gives you info on search queries in Google Analytics, but… First of all, Google Analytics has always provided plenty…

Things To Do with Every New WordPress Installation

WordPress is a wonderful system, but out-of-the-box, a new installation is a confusing piece of junk with many flaws. And many of these flaws have not been addressed even in the latest 4.0 version that was released around October 2014. As someone who has been working extensively with WordPress these past 2 years, here are some…

What is WordPress?


Looking to start a blog? Wanting to manage your own website? In that case, you’re probably doing research online and no doubt you’ve come across the name “WordPress.” So should you use WordPress? Keep reading to hear my professional opinion, as someone who’s been using WordPress for over 2 years for personal projects as well as…

The One, True Guide to Choosing a Domain Name


“Shoes or slippers?” “McDonalds or Popeyes?” “.com or .net?” These are the questions I ask myself all the time. And if you’re reading this, that last question is probably something you’re asking yourself as well. You’re in luck though, because you’ve find the One, True Guide to Choosing Your Domain Name. Choosing a domain name is…

Website Symmetry is Beautiful


Natalie Portman is beautiful. Even with her ridiculous makeup in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, you could still see her beautiful genetics. What makes Natalie Portman beautiful though? There are many traits of beautiful people, but one important trait is symmetry. Scientific studies have shown that symmetric faces are perceived as more attractive than asymmetric faces (link). Furthermore,…

5 Ways to Identify Shady Web Design Companies


shad·y adjective DEFINTION: of questionable merit. SYNONYMS: dishonest, underhanded, unscupulous, questionable, deceitful Looking for a web designer is a true challenge because the web design industry is like the wild, wild west: there are no certifications, tests, or diplomas required in order for people to make a website in exchange for money. Although there are…

Deposits and What Beyonce Can Teach Us About Doing Business


If you’re self-employed or an independent contractor, you’ve probably had a lot of thoughts regarding deposits: “Should I or should I not ask for deposits?” “Is it rude to ask for a deposit?” “Why do contractors ask for deposits?” To answer these questions about deposits, I turn to Beyonce’s 2008 hit song, “Single Ladies” (see…