Recommends: The Box Jelly for a Coworking Office

This is not The Box Jelly, but rather, an example of a coworking office.By Jodimichelle. CC BY 2.0


This is review for The Box Jelly that I wrote on Yelp.

The Box Jelly is a coworking office. Think of it like a shared office that independent contractors and entrepreneurs work out of. I’ve been doing work here for 3 days only, but I have plenty of good things to say already:

1. Great facilities.
Clean bathroom. A/C. Surround sound music. A couch. A chess board. Conference room to bring your clients. A Skype room. Big desks. Electricity. WIFI. Refrigerator. Microwave. Peripherals. This place has the perfect setup for me to come in, do my work, and not leave until I’m finished.

2. Affordable rates.
As the office gets more and more facilities, membership prices will probably go up. In the meantime, the basic membership is really cheap: $75. Basic membership provides unlimited use. You might be thinking that there are a lot of free venues, but those places require that you be a customer. Furthermore, the Box Jelly and other coworking spots have better setups for working.

3. Good, professional crowd.
As an independent contractor, I started off going to different venues to do work, like McDonalds and the library. I ended up working at home after some time because it was hard to work around the loud, grade-school kids and the smelly hobos at the venues I frequented. The Box Jelly offers a very different crowd. Everyone is there to work. And seeing other people work hard make you want to work hard as well. There is a little socializing going on sometimes, but you always have the option of putting headphones on if you don’t want to be distracted by conversations.

Was there anything that I did not like?

There are a couple.

Not convenient for working during the evening. I’m nocturnal at the moment and I sleep at 4am. I get a lot done during the twilight because the weather is cool and it is incredibly quiet during those hours. So for me,┬áthe main disadvantage of The Box Jelly was that the office catered to typical 8-5 workers. It is open till 10pm, but they reserve the right to hold events after 6pm. I once found myself not going to The Box Jelly for 3 days because of consecutive events they were holding there.

Not accessible 24/7. Unlike a lot of coworking offices out there in the mainland, The Box Jelly is not accesible 24/7. Many coworking offices are only staffed during a the day, but members can still enter using a security card. The Box Jelly has no such feature. They are also not open on Sundays. Again, they basically cater heavily towards 8-5, Monday to Friday people.


Would I go back in the future?

I only worked at The Box Jelly for one month, back in February. I stopped going because the projects I was working on were not big enough so that I could sit down all day to work on it. Other than that, The Box Jelly was a great establishment to work in.

In the future, if I find myself working on more big projects, I would definitely sign up again, because I found myself to be incredibly productive while I was there. And if you’re in a similar situation as me, you should pay for a 1 month membership and try it out.


Business Info

Business Name The Box Jelly (website)
Location 307 Kamani Street / Honolulu, Hawaii 96813It’s located across the street from Sports Authority on Ward Avenue. The place itself is on Kamani Street, which is parallel to Ward Avenue. The place is located right next to The Fish Cake.
Hours Mon-Fri: 8a – 10p, Sat: 11a – 4p, Sun:closed
Parking Just park at the parking lot for McDonalds/Sports Authority/Ross and walk over.
Cost $15/day or $99/month or $300/month for premium seating
Benefits Wifi internet, scanner, printer, projector, whiteboards, conference room, refrigerator, Skype room, and a very clean bathroom
Who can join? Everyone can, but it seems to attract people who work on their computers all day: web developers, programmers, and web designers.
Yelp Rating 5/5 stars, based on 11 reviews


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