View All Google Search Terms for Your Website… with Google Webmaster Tools!




Well, today, with the help of Google tools, you can finally view all the search terms coming from Google!


Google gives you info on search queries in Google Analytics, but…

First of all, Google Analytics has always provided plenty of information, including the search terms that people typed in to search engines (Google, but also Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex…).

The only problem was this: due to privacy, searches done by people logged into Google (whether it’s Gmail, Youtube, or Google search) would not be shown…. wait what?


Yes, that’s right, that’s a lot of people. For most sites, this would mean 80%-90% of search queries and terms would not be shown.


This has changed in 2015 with Google Webmaster Tools Integration

The only way to get around things back then was to use Google Webmaster Tools, another unsightly logistics site for webmasters to gain access to important Google information regarding their own websites. But now, Analytics and Webmaster Tools has fused in 2015, allowing you view search queries right in Analytics!


What You’ll Need

  • A Google Analytics account for each website
  • A Google Webmaster Tools account for each website
  • Technical saaviness and/or godlike patience to use Google’s web tools


Step 1: Open Analytics, View Seach Queries

I’ve included images so that you won’t get lost. You’re welcome.



Step 2: Click the Button



Step 3: Scroll Down and Click the Link in Webmaster Tools Settingsqueries3

Step 4: Choose the Webmaster Tools Account to Link or Create a Webmaster Tools Account

If you don’t have a Webmaster Tools account for your website, click the button on the bottom to make one. It’s quick, takes about 5 minutes, but you’ll have to do some technical stuff to prove to Google that you actually own the website. This involves adding a script to the website head or putting a file in the directory of your website.

Use either an FTP program to add the file OR you can add the script to your <head> in your website. If using WordPress, go to APPEARANCE > EDITOR and edit the file that says head.php. If none of this makes sense to you, that’s fine, it’s very technical, but bribe someone that does understand it to help you.



Step 5: Go Back to ‘Search Queries’ and view 100% of Search Terms To Your Site!



Step 6: Life is Complete

Enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it! Bask in your new-found knowledge of Google’s comprehensive web tools.

Also, look through your search terms and enjoy all the poor spelling and grammar.


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Michael taller Jul 11, 2015

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