Why a politically divided country is a great sign

With the Superbowl having just finished, i still have my my mind thinking xs and os and applauding the grand defenses that were responsible for an incredibly low scoring 13-3 game.

It comes down to defense and competition — when a team lets you score too quickly or gives you a free lane to the end zone, we cant know how good your offense actually is. Its only through many short gains and possessions and a long drive that we can begin to know the offense is worthy. I think of political parties this way.

For that reason, it is a great sign that we have such a tremendous political divide and polarized opinions on the president. If at anytime either the democratic or republican parties were to dominate american voters or the judicial system, we would begin seeing less opposition (e.g. not agreeing to wall funding and being willing to holdout) to political ideas and movements and less negotiating to make plans which both sides can agree to. Without such bargaining, our country would be devastated, like a blown coverage on football leading to a long run for a touchdown.

The passed partial government shutdown, biased news outlets, having a celebrity as the unlikely president, and major outrage is all incidental to the political competitive forces which are necessary to keeping our country moving forward.

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