Indigo Restaurant

A complete redesign to showcase one of Honolulu's most exciting dining spots.

Indigo, having been established in 1994, needed a website that would convey its exotic, fun cuisine and its rich, night life.

    Work Scope:
  • online menu
  • social media integration
  • website redesign


We provided easily-accessible and helpful menus right on the website.

By analyzing Indigo’s web traffic, I discovered that about 80% of visitors that came to the website looked at the MENUS page during their visits. Because of this, I decided that it was in the best interests of the restaurant and its patrons to have the menus, which were previously only available in a PDF file, to be displayed right on the website.

Aside from convenience, when a restaurant has its menu readily available on their website, this reduces the amount of food-related inquiries that come by phone or through a waiter. This saves time in ordering and frees up the phone lines.