UH Manoa Study Abroad Center

Making life easier for everyone using the website.

I had used the Study Abroad Center at UH Manoa before, as a student when I travelled to Hainan, China in 2006. Since then, the website had become increasingly less user-friendly for both students as well as Study Abroad Center staff. My job was to fix that by focusing on usability, site organization, and page hierarchy.

    Work Scope:
  • information architecture
  • subcontracting
  • website design
  • wordpress


The staff had mentioned that it was hard for them to use. Upon closer inspection, there was a bit of “patchwork” that was made by an inexperienced WordPress developer that caused parts of the site to be impossible to edit through the general admin user interface and required staff to use FTP and the HTML editor. Along with my tutoring, the staff was realize how easy managing such a relatively large website could be.

In terms of student use, we decided to improve their user experience by utilizing certain space-saving and organizing techniques. This was necessary for such a large site, which at the time, had over 70 pages. Techniques used to improve usability included breadcrumbs, tabs, sticky menus, WordPress parent-child page hiearchy, and having menus EVERYWHERE. At any point, the user will be able to go to any other page within 1 or 2 clicks.