YFH Architects

A website to convey their experience, professionalism, and to showcase some of their best works over the past 35 years.

This website was made based after researching websites of several other local architect firms as well as a couple of mainland firms. Copywriting was provided as well, which focused on the values of the company: collaboration and experience.

    Work Scope:
  • copywriting
  • mobile compatibility
  • portfolio website
  • responsive design
  • website design



I had a lot of fun thinking of ways to showcase YFH Architects’ projects. After some sketches, I thought to make it so that the entire page would be filled with a single, high-resolution image, while a little box would be on the side with other images and details about the project. This style looks okay on smaller screens, but really shines on large monitors (27″+).

Of couse, for mobile compatibility, we have to address small, mobile screens like the iPhones. For those devices, the projects no longer have a large image, but rather will show just the text and the thumbnails. This is because large, high-resolution images are completely wasted on smaller screens. Furthermore, mobile networks (especially 3G) are slower than wifi or cable/DSL, so certain considerations need to be made to accomodate that.