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Ron Lum

Freelance web designer and consultant

Honolulu, Hawaii •

808.384.8101 •



I started making websites in 9th grade. I signed up for a free website from Geocities (the former king of free hosting) and played around. The site builder was horrible, so I had to learn HTML (web language) from reading tutorials online. My ability really skyrocketed when I made friend who also was into making websites and introduced me to new website concepts. Website coding back then was 1000x more tedious than it is now, but I was very comfortable with it. I made 4 hobby websites in high school, all from scratch.
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At the time, my websites were hosted on a friend's home computer. His computer crashed and I had no recent backups, so I essentially lost all my work. I never thought of making websites as anything other than a hobby, so when I started college in 2003, I stopped making websites and focused on my college studies.

I graduated with a degree in accounting in 2008. After I graduated, I had a job offer to start later in the year. I decided to travel for a bit. I sold everything I had in Hawaii and traveled to South Korea to work as an English teacher. My job offer in Hawaii was later rescinded (bad economy at that time), so I actually stayed in South Korea for 2 years.

Life in South Korea was good. I also did not have to pay any taxes to the IRS because of the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion rule, so my net salary was actually decent. However, I realized that I had absolutely no love for teaching and that there was absolutely no career to be made in South Korea for me. I decided to move back to Hawaii in 2011.

When I moved back, I had trouble finding a job. My resume and degree were inadequate and 2 months of interviews netted nothing. This is when I realized that marketable skill is much more valuable than education. I eventually ended up working temp jobs for the rest of the year. I hated the temp jobs and worst of all, I learned nothing from them, so my resume never got stronger; I was working solely for money. Dejected, disappointed, and frustrated, I sat down and started thinking about the best way to spend my time in order to have more opportunity in the future.

I was tired of waiting for someone to give me an opportunity, so in 2012, I decided to make my own opportunity and started making websites again. I reviewed the basics, learned the latest coding techniques/trends, and have spent 100+ hours reading internet articles on design (the internet is my research library!). I'm currently dedicated to my new line of work and hope to learn as much as possible about all the different facets of websites (e-commerce, PHP, UI, mobile, jQuery), while also helping my clients out in whatever ways they need.

Work Experience

2012-nowFreelance Web Designer
2011-2012Temp (accounting and clerical)
2009-2011English Teacher in South Korea
2008Audit intern


2008University of Hawaii at Manoa
BBA accounting
2003Iolani School
HS Diploma

Web Skills

Responsive Design★★★★

Software Skills

Wordpress 3.x★★★★
Zen Cart 1.5★★★★
MS Office★★★★★

Other Skills

Public Speech★★★★

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