Managed Web Hosting

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Managed web hosting is a service I provide to certain clients needing my supervision over their website. Not only do I provide web hosting space, but more importantly, I give the same attention and care for your website that I do for my own. And if you have a CMS like WordPress, you’ll definitely want someone with CMS and server experience to watch over your website.


What are the benefits of Managed Web Hosting?

Don’t worry about messing up your site.

Backups will be created for your website, ensuring that no matter content you delete or change, we’ll be able to turn back the hands of time and restore that older version.


Stay on top of safety updates and feature updates.

Not sure if it’s safe to make an upgrade? CMS updates and plugin updates will be updated on an occasional basis so that you aren’t running outdated or vulnerable software. WordPress updates will be done on a lagging basis to ensure that updates don’t break your theme or plugins.


Keep your site up and moving.

Along with a 99.9% uptime, downtime will not go unnoticed and any unforseen, extended downtime will be addressed with a temporary rerouting to a clone on a backup server.


Make sure your website loads fast.

We have a tried and true strategy for making sure a website loads efficiently, using tools such as caching and web image optimization. Acceptable load times range from 2 to 7 seconds. Load tests are performed from multiple points in the world to check that your site loads reasonably well from viewers in multiple countries.


Interested in Managed Web Hosting? Contact me. Prices start at $75 a month. E-mail forwarding is included. Add-on email also available.